noun  tell·tale \ ˈtel-ˌtāl \
something that indicates or reveals information

What I Do

Looking to plan a stellar 40th birthday party and feeling a little overwhelmed with making it happen? Maybe you’re trying to pull together a corporate training and feel like you might be missing some details. Perhaps you’re planning a surprise anniversary weekend to the area and not sure where to start. Even better, Asheville is calling your name, but you’re not sure of the coolest place to see and the best beer to try.

You’ve landed on the right page! With my passion for adventure and attention to detail, I can work with you to create an experience that you can connect to. Together, we will create a Telltale Moment worth more to you than diamonds and gold.

I specialize in developing and coordinating experiences in Northern Virginia and Central Maryland. Areas of interest to me are family and friends events, corporate meetings and trainings, educational school outings and events, weekend itineraries, local business travel and U.S. leisure travel. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Send me a message and we’ll chat!

Let’s create a Telltale Moment together.


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