A Little About Me

Hello! My name is Krista, and I am a professional Wanderluster (if that could be a career!). I am a dreamer, an idealist and a lover of experiences. I believe that adventure can be road tripping the West Coast or visiting a new brewery in my home town. The magic is found in the experience, and I aim to find it wherever I am and in whatever I do.

I am an East Coast native- born and raised in Frederick, MD, one of the best small towns in the state. I went to a tiny private academy for all of my schooling, and landed at Towson University in Baltimore for my college education. It was then that I realized I had an itch for adventure.

I am most alive when I am immersed in a new experience. I found food love eating oysters straight out of the Choptank River. I found my sense of self watching the waves crash along the Oregon Coast. I found a deep connection to humanity watching the sun set over Cannon Beach while chatting with an ex-hippie. I learned the beauty of untouched landscape on my travels in Nicaragua. I found architectural magic strolling the streets of Savannah. I discovered the beauty of great beer while going down a slide at New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins. I seek daily peace for myself in Harper’s Ferry. I learned what trusting another human being really means when my fiancé was driving us to Obstruction Point in the Olympics (scariest road I have ever been on). I found my bravery in solo traveling and road tripping along the West Coast.

I spend my free time visiting local breweries and wineries; making and seeking great food; brewing kombucha; crafting silly things like bath bombs and essential oil blends; Airbnb hosting; enjoying the great outdoors with my beagle and fiancé, Brad.

Looking forward to dreaming with you!

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